Motkonqe - A new MSX homebrew inspired by strategy classics such as Populous

Indie Retro News is back from our holidays and already we have some new gaming news for you, with this weeks announcement of Motkonqe on the MSX 1. Classed as a top down real time strategy game, this latest release although it doesn't look like it, has some very strong inspirations to that of the classic game ' Populous '. Basically the idea behind this nifty little title, is to create a small civilisation and to use your people to crush the opposition.

Now if you remember Populous, who doesn't? You had the power of a deity and had to lead followers into battle against other opponents by using a variety of divine intervention powers that affect the world and the people. Land could be raised, lowered ( Which affects building growth ) and mighty destructive forces could be used to cause untold chaos and death to anyone who got in the way.

Basically Motkonqe is similar, except there are major differences. Land can be added ( not raised ), items such as houses are used to grow your tribe and other specific items can be used to bring your people across the land and into battle. Its a very nice game and a ton of fun, it's just a shame that from my play through so far, there's no mighty powers such as volcanoes ;)

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Play Online

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