Organism - Isometric Aliens C64 game is in the works

We've certainly seen some damn fine looking C64 games being teased lately, what with the more recent Argus getting a hearty mention on our website, but there's another C64 game you should be keeping an eye on, and that's Organism by A Volkers and S Collier. Announced in May of this year, this game looks to be a high quality Isometric action game with a strong vibe to that of Aliens.

Currently there's not a lot known about the game, but from what can be seen in the screenshots above, there's a high attention to detail including a very nice UI screen showing what looks like a health display and radar and collected items and rescued crew members. Plus I like the character designs and the horrifying eggs, which may or may not contain a face hugger or two! Once we know more we will of course let you know.

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