Realms of Quest V - The next RPG in a fantastic line up of VIC-20 games!

Way back in 2014 developer Ghislain de Blois released Realms of Quest IV for the Commodore VIC-20 through the publisher Psytronik. It was another game in the series as a fine tribute to classic style turn based, party based dungeon crawlers of the 1980‘s, with graphics reminiscent of the early Wizardry games I-IV. Yet fast forward to this year and Ghislain de Blois has announced the next game in the series as ' Realms of Quest V ', which again looks to be a very decent RPG for the Commodore VIC-20

The previous game had wireframe graphics, a 10 level hand designed dungeon complete with spinners, teleporters, pits, and darkness zones, monsters galore, plus a temple to heal your characters, a shop to purchase and sell equipment, and an inn to rest and train levels. But this latest game is going even further, as according to the work in progress write up, it will require a 32K RAM expansion, have multiple disk sides, hundreds of monsters, characters and portraits, 16 player racers and 16 players classes, a huge party of up to 10 player characters ( possibly a record ), perhaps an overland map that exceeds the Ultima IV world in terms of size, and what's even more interesting is cities to be explored and townspeople to talk to!

And that so far is all we know, but if you want to give the early work in progress version a try, you can download the latest build of the game here, which requires 32K of RAM!

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Source News

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