Jetpac Wars Preview V3 - WIP 2 player C64 shooter based on a classic version 3!

A game that is close to our hearts is the Ultimate Play the Game classic 'Jetpac', released in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum, and Vic-20, with the BBC Micro version released later in 1984. This game which put you in the boots of Jetman on a mission to rebuild a rocket in order to explore other planets while also defending himself from Aliens with his powerful laser. Was also released as a fan based early work in progress preview shooter by MSCIFU (Mauro Cifuentes) in assembler language on the C64. Although unlike the original game, the C64 fan version was a 2 player shooter, which has since been improved upon in version 3

Once again developed by Mauro Cifuentes and trained by Genesis Project, Jetpac Wars Preview 3 has certainly come along way from the first version we played some time ago. In the first preview the UI info was on the right hand side now moved to the bottom, there's now fuel to be collected to keep yourself topped up, and unlike last time if you do shoot your opponent he does actually blow up and re-appear. So true it isn't the best advancement we've seen as a new preview update, but the developer did state this was started as an exercise of learning assembler language. So I for one can't wait to see how far he goes with this fan game and if other dangerous obstacles will be added.

Links : 1) Main Website 2) CSDB 3) Trainer

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