Legend of The Lost Catacombs - Ryan surprises us with a new Commodore Vic-20 game

We are turning back the clock once again and now looking towards the Commodore VIC-20 for our gaming fix, as Ryan Liston has made available his homebrew role playing game ' LEGEND OF THE LOST CATACOMBS  ' for the VIC-20 with 24k expansion. In the game you play as a shield and sword wielding warrior that only has a fairy to light the way. You must enter the catacombs, find the 6 shards and finally summon Victor and take his place as the Guardian of the Demon Lord Darkwon!

Legend of the Lost Catacombs by Ryan Liston is a very strange game and more so if you don't read the instructions! Basically you are that little white square you see above and your fairy gives you some guidance as to what is coming ahead. By choosing different actions such as a direction you can travel in a chosen amount of steps before you come across anything great such as a treasure or even an enemy to defeat.

But here is where the difficulty spikes, as one wrong step that hasn't been lit up by your fairy may cause your character to fall down a big hole and lose all his life in one go, something that happened to me a lot in my first go. Still for all the steps taken and battles had, Legend of The Lost Catacombs is a rather unique game that will offer old school RPG fans some hours of enjoyment. But for me, it's a little too retro ;)

Links : 1) Source(FB) 2) Download

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