VAPORUM - Steampunk dungeon crawler coming September 28th!

Throughout the years we've had many great dungeon crawlers posted on Indie Retro News, from the grid based classics such as Eye of the Beholder, to our personal favourite Legend of Grimrock 2 and Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon. Although Grimoire getting a release was a major shock too! So here comes another one that could well be added to that list of coolness, it's the dungeon crawling steam punker 'Vaporum' from FatBot Studio, which is coming to a PC near you, September 28th!

Vaporum is set in an original steampunk world, and is inspired by old-school games like Dungeon Master I and II, the Eye of the Beholder series, and the more recent Legend of Grimrock I and II. It features a rather unique ability in the game, whereby you'll be improving your exoskeleton and being able to equip yourself with various items to define your own playstyle in a battle against many strange mechanical contraptions set in rooms of steam based machinery!

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