Moritz 48K - A very odd and frustrating ZX Spectrum game!

It's time for a ZX Spectrum release with a very weird and wacky game called ' Moritz 48k ' for the ZX Spectrum 48k developed by Sebastian Braunert and Uwe Geiken, with music by Mister Beep. If you've got a free Friday evening with not much to do, you might like this latest game created using AGD, as not only does it contain a ton of levels but it will cause you to go insane as you try to beat them and not lose every one of your 30+ lives!

The idea behind the game is simple, jump from platform to platform, grab the bones, and when you do all that you'll get barked at and need to head to the exit! The problem however isn't the objective, but it's with Moritz's high difficulty level which becomes ever more difficult pretty much from level 2. You see the platforms in the game can be anything from tree's to bushes, to chips and even a moon.

The issue is, some of the objects in the game you think you can jump on, you can't and fall through... Add to this, the hit detection if you get to close without touching, you could end up dying over and over again and you wonder if it's even worth carrying on! Don't get me wrong I love the style of this game it's something I've not experienced this year on the ZX, but there's too many annoyances that get in the way for me to continue any further ( The space level was enough ). Still if you can put up with it and enjoy it, you might like to know the devs are working on a full version with more rooms and different gameplay!

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