Tombstones - Survive retirement day with some quick gunslinging skills. New on C64

Tombstones - Retirement Day is a brand new C64 game from developers Megastyle and Presented by Reset Magazine.  It was also recently previewed in FREEZE! C64 August issue.  The game is releaesed with Reset Magazine issue 10, but a sneak preview of the game has been uploaded to CSDB, along with SIDs of the game.  Although this preview does seems to have developer support, as no flame wars have started in the comments yet!  Coded by Dogster, and Sound and Graphics by Rotteroy of C64 demo veterans: Megastyle.  The loading graphic pictured above alone is a masterpiece.

You play as El Gringo, the fastest gun slinger in the west, who just wants to retire and settle down with his true love.  Retirement day doesn't go as planned however as every gun slinger around has decided to try to end your retirement early. You must survive the day by winning a series of increasingly difficult duels. You do this by pressing a random letter on the keyboard before the enemy shoots you dead. Gameplay is that simple, but it is executed perfectly.  After 6 rounds, the backdrops change and the gunfights get tougher.  If you're not a touch typer, you'll struggle to reach the higher challenges, but if you are learning to touch type, it also serves as a great practice exercise.

Whilst lacking variety and depth, this is one of those games that's great to open up for very short plays every now and again, it's short but sweet, and could well come to life with a high score challenge amongst friends or family.  Not to mention a great advertisement for those still keeping the C64 platform alive by making games and publishing magazines.

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