Terrapins RX - Allan Turvey's Rally X Remix using ZX Spectrum Terrapins!

As many of you are aware by now Allan Turvey, David Saphier and Craig Howard's excellent ZX Spectrum Arcade remake of ' Terrapins ', will be commercially released via Cronosoft very soon as its very own cassette which also contains the very latest edition of InvAGDers Deluxe completely free. But now as a heads up by the creator himself Allan Turvey, he has told us he is also doing a remix of Terrapins called Terrapins RX, aka the Rally X Remix!

The original game Rally-X was an overhead maze game released in the 1980's by Namco, what Allan has done is hacked his own game Terrapins and changed the sprites and ruleset to make it very similar to Rally-X where by you must collect flags and avoid other cars, which I think is pretty neat! Other than that there's not much else to say other than this game will be part of the Terrapins pack (free), but the game is still a work in progress.

Links : 1) InvAGDers 2) Terrapins  3) Website ( Coming Soon )

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