Chibi Akumas Episode 2: Confrontation! - An Amstrad bullet hell shooter gets a bigger sequel

Towards the end of last year, a very weird homebrew appeared and that was a bullet hell shooter known as ' Chibi Akuma(s) ' developed by Keith56 for the Amstrad CPC. It was a crazy shooter with bullets appearing at you from all sides through 5 levels of extreme fire power and deadly end level bosses as you played as Chibiko in her unholy battle against an invasion. That game which drove most of us insane is about to go even further, as today the developer has released the sequel called Chibi Akumas Episode 2: Confrontation!

Now if you don't like bullet hell shooters look away now, if you do like them and have an Amstrad, you'll be pleased to know this sequel has better retro graphics, bigger bosses, more firepower, multi-directional scrolling, AND the best bit of all this is the first game with 256k support!

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download

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