Code name Hell Squad - Amiga CD to HD as a playable sci-fi action adventure!

No sooner had we mentioned DamienD's Amiga CD to Hard Drive conversion of the high quality isometric game 'Wasted Dreams', that another game was also converted over and that was the action adventure ' Code name Hell Squad ', which again was also developed by the same team Digital Dreams Entertainment and released in 2000. Shockingly enough some say this is one of the last ever games released commercially on the system and if it wasn't for these developers contacting the original dev's of this game, when it was known as Hellpigs by Classica Entertainment (link), it probably would've never seen the light of day!

So what are the differences between this game and the previous one converted over earlier today? Well for one major thing even though it was released by Digital Dreams Entertainment this game is more of a side on point and click adventure, mixed with action sequences such as having to shoot at enemies to advance to the next screen. Oh and unlike the terrible voice over seen in the first one, especially during the intro, this game features a more advanced intro using real people, although still it's pretty bad. In all it's not a bad game it certainly has its charm, but to be honest I think Wasted Dreams is the better one to play.

Min. Requirements: 68000 CPU, ECS or AGA chipset, 3Mb ram (2Mb chip + 1Mb fastram or other memory) Utilises (if available): AGA chipset (for animated intro), more memory, faster CPU

Links : 1) Source 2) Lemon Amiga  3) Game History

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