Ghouls 'N Ghosts Arcade port on the Atari STE gets new footage and play test!

As we said before in 1988 Capcom released one of the finest Arcade games ever to grace the gaming scene, and that game was the incredible and most frustrating platformer Ghouls 'n Ghosts, which appeared on lots of systems including the Atari ST. And it's the Atari which has again appeared in our news feed, as thanks to a heads up by our friends AtariCrypt, the arcade conversion to the Atari STE as a work in progress by Anima, has not only been made available as a first beta test, but it looks far better than the previous showing!

When we first showed this conversion back in August, we were certainly impressed by what the coder was trying to achieve by porting it over to the Atari STE, but from the look of the video it did seem very glitchy, with blocky graphics, buggy character movements and the general jerkyness of the game overall. But with this new video it really shows how far the development has come as not only is it far smoother, but you could almost say it's a completely different game!

Links : 1) Source "beta requirements are a 4MB Atari STe w/ hdd"

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  1. That's beautiful game! Does anyone know what happened? Fingers crossed more games for Atari STE will be released. I would like to buy every enhanced game for STE


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