Bobby Carrot - Android puzzler is getting a ZX Spectrum demake

If you own an Android based phone or tablet, you may have come across a game called Bobby and Carrot. In this adventure puzzler you must pick up as many Carrots as possible, while avoiding deadly traps to open up a magic exit. If you have come across this game, you may be pleased to know a speccy developer by the name of Fabio Marcon is doing a demake onto the ZX Spectrum and it will be called Bobby Carrot.

Now I'm not sure what all the differences there will be in the game compared to the Android version, but rest assured it most likely will be a better game as not only will it be on the ZX Spectrum ,which is something I prefer, but it will not have any adverts something the Android version is plagued with. As ever as soon as we know more, we will of course let you know :)

Links : 1) Source (FB)   - Thanks Preston!

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