Readysoft Cartoon Collection - Amiga Jay goes Don Bluth for the Amiga CD32

Originally released in 1983 was an epic laserdisc video game that many people still remember today, and that game was Dragon's Lair, which was by Don Bluth and originally published by Cinematronics. It was so special, in the fact that not only was it a game, but it allowed you to play in an interactive experience in a cartoon animation. You didn't just watch a cartoon, you actually played it! So what a great way to celebrate this cartoon experience than an Amiga CD32 collection released by Amiga Jay called ' Readysoft Cartoon Collection '.

This nostalgic gaming trip is packed with animated gaming cartoons such as Dragons Lair, Dragon's Lair - Escape from Singe's Castle, Dragon's Lair 2, Dragon's Lair 3, Space Ace, Space 2 and even Guy Spy! But that's not all, as all of the following games come with a possibility of unlimited lives and movie modes for easy playback of the whole cartoon for the Dragon's Lair games and Space Ace 2. - What a great way to experience many of Don Bluth's finest!

Dragons Lair & Escape from Singe's Castle - CFOU!
Dragons Lair 2 - CFOU!
Dragons Lair 3 - CFOU!
Space Ace - Harry
Space Ace 2 - CFOU! & Codetapper

JTOD - for CD32Load.

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