The Incredible Shrinking Professor - John Blythe kicks it up a notch with another cool ZX Spectrum game!

That homebrew guru is at it again who we know as Rucksack Games aka John Blythe, as after previously releasing such games as The Darkness of Raven Wood, Foggys Quest, and Circuitry, he's now moved on to a spiffy game called 'Peculiar Perplexing Perils Of Professor Poldark... The Incredible Shrinking Professor ', which is available for the ZX Spectrum 128k, ZX Spectrum 48k, ZX Spectrum VEGA and ULA Plus Edition.

As we said before in our previous write up, this game looks like a play on that famous movie Honey I shrunk the Kids, but instead puts you in the shoes of Prof Poldark who, after seemingly coming under attack by Micro Lipstick Missiles, Micro-Wasp infiltration drones, genetically modified insects and intelligent putty, has slipped into a cocktail of chemicals and got himself shrunk. But unlike that classic movie there isn't an un-shrinking ray in sight and the only way to get back to normal height is finding the experimental Embiggan Totalis Elixir compound and finishing it with a good dose of ingredients!

So now that's out of the way it's time to look at the actual game, which, if you've ever played a John Blythe game before you would expect it to be good. Thankfully it is good and so much more! Not only is the game full of detail with neat graphical touches such a stack of pills, lipstick, chemical pots and moving enemies, this game is a joy to play (albeit difficult at times) and sounds bloody fantastic! I mean what other games are there on the speccy where you are shrunk, have to cross a lab, and need to pick up specific items such as Solidification Pills ( one at a time ) to complete a decent potion to bring back up to size! Probably not many... so if you want to feel like a shrunk professor, give The Incredible Shrinking Professor a go, it's all out fun!

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