The Last Run - John Blythe teases a potential new ZX Spectrum game!

It's that name again John Blythe, creator of games such as The Darkness of Raven Wood, Foggys Quest, Circuitry, and his previous spiffy game called 'Peculiar Perplexing Perils Of Professor Poldark. But this time he's no longer going cute, as he has recently been teasing a new project he may or may not release in ' The Last Run '; a rather excellent looking action shooter. As in his words "our battalion is gone. Destroyed in the last airstrike from the enemy. You have one desperate, suicidal run at the enemy base. One last loony run. Make it count soldier! Make them pay soldier..."

Currently there isn't much to go on other than the short back story behind the game and the very first gameplay footage above, but knowing John Blythe of Rucksack Games, he is probably going to finish it and make it another game very much worthy of adding to a long list of awesome speccy games he's already made... Just check out the music, WOW!

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