B-Squared - A very square platformer released for the ZX Spectrum

Announced just moments ago via his twitter profile, Paul Jenkinson‏ with music by David Saphier and Sergey Nilov have released the charming little game ' B-Squared ' for the ZX Spectrum. In this new game you play as a single blocked square and must make your way through 31 screens to complete the game. Be aware, not only can you die by touching nasties and evil spikes, but you can only jump upwards! So think carefully before your next move.

Thankfully with time to spare I was able to play B-Squared and I'm glad I did! This game took me completely by surprise as not only is it a joy to listen to with a fantastic soundtrack blended in with pretty speccy colours. But it's great fun to play rotating your block around the level trying to avoid the enemies below to reach the exit while also giving that rushed adrenaline last minute challenge to make the next move before the enemy came back... Although I did at times panic and jump straight into a spike!

This is one of those games that will be played again and again, and I can say right now, if B-Squared doesn't end up as a ZX Spectrum tape and sold commercially, I'd be bloody surprised!

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