Black Jewel - This C64 styled game looks awesome!

Trawling through our must play PC games list, I happened to come across a game I think will excite even our most hardy of C64 readers. Called ' Black Jewel ' and developed by Oscar Celestini Retrogames, this is a PC game created in a C64 style with lovely retro styled pixel art and hard to master gameplay. In it you play as a barbarian warrior named as Ryan on a quest to recover the Black Jewel, stolen by Darkor.

It isn't often we come across modern games with a lovely throwback to the 80's, but Black Jewel really appealed to me, and it's not just because of the fancy CRT C64 pixels and the fine Ost by Gianluca Pappalardo, and 1 special track by Daniele Coppola. But this game has five different zones such as forests and ruins, 50 screens to complete, enemies to battle and what's more there's even dangerous bosses and intro and ending pixel art illustrations!

So head on over to the site and check it out, and if you found this game through us, please give us a mention :)

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