Children of the Night - RPG by Hikaru Games is coming to the MSX1 and MSX2 soon!

If you have an MSX1 or MSX2 and are a little down that we forgot about you, then worry not, as this latest game that is coming to the MSX and called ' Children of the Night ' is something special indeed! Currently in development by Hikaru Games, the same team behind Caos Begins which came first in the MSXdev'07 contest. Comes a lovely looking RPG that actually takes advantage of the MSX2 and will be released in a MegaROM format, ensuring a long gameplay and one of the largest worlds ever created for the MSX.

As soon as you watch the latest trailer above I'm sure you'll be taken back by just how good this game looks on the MSX. It has great graphics, a super soundtrack, and what really appealed to me is the fact that not only will you be levelling up, but you'll be blasting enemies across fantastic landscapes both indoors and outdoors. So I for one can't wait, and as for a release date, it's coming soon!

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