Donkey Kong - Classic game is hopefully getting a true Arcade to NES port!

In the early 80's Nintendo released one of the most famous games of all time, and that game was ' Donkey Kong '. A game in which you played as Mario that had to avoid obstacles across a number of platforms, with sometimes a hammer in hand to save a damsel in distress from a giant barrel throwing ape called Donkey Kong. That same game which made an appearance as a port on a number different systems, with an Atari 8-bit Arcade hack and X2016 Version on the C64 this year, is now going to appear on the NES as an Arcade accurate port by Sumez!

Currently in development with a work in progress ROM available on the same page, the coder behind this conversion has said he wants to make Donkey Kong as faithful to the original Arcade version as possible and not like the NES version which he says "sucks". He also goes on to say he wants it to run as an accurate version of the Arcade while keeping to the limitations of the NES hardware. Although it's highly recommended when you do get to to play the game , to play it on a TV in a sideways mode, as noted in the video description... "if you are running the game on a monitor or TV, you will have to rotate it 90 degrees to the right to see screen as it was intended". 

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