International Karate Ultimate Preview - C64 release for Syntax '17 demo party

Some of you may have noticed a Reset Magazine post on Sunday reporting on the release of a new version of International Karate (1986 System 3). The version is named "Ultimate Preview", and is branded with Melbourne's Demo Party: Syntax '17. And I've been checking it out, to see what's new, and what we might expect to see in the upcoming final version.

The most obvious changes are an excellent title screen and 2 brand new backdrops (Ayers Rock and Syntax dojo). The great new title screen is accompanied by a new remix of the Rob Hubbard music by Geir Tjelta. Also added are some excellent training modes, one of which sees a modification which was added to one of the IK+ cracks a while ago, where you can fight 2 players, without the round resetting, and play for a high score. You can't get better than a "first to 1 million" bout against a friend. You can also change the player colours, starting belts, deactivate the mini games or add hotkeys to skip levels and add points. And while this preview version only includes the 2 new backdrops, it would be great to see a final version with a complete set of 8 backdrops, and a way to start a 2 player match on any backdrop.

The game is cracked from the original tape version, has been released as disk image (.d64) and EasyFlash friendly formats. We're also looking forward to seeing all the demos and competition results from Syntax 17, keep checking the website for updates


1) Reset C64 Magazine Post

2) Preview Disk Download (CSDB)

3) Preview EasyFlash Download (CSDB)

4) Syntax 2017

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