Myths and Dragons - An impressive looking MSX2 + v9990 beat em up is now in a beta phase

If you were a huge fan of beat em ups such as Knights of the Round, or even Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara, AND have an MSX 2, then you'll be pleased to learn Kai Magazine Software has announced that their dedication to Capcom of 'Myths and Dragons' is not only finished but is currently being beta tested. Set to be released next year towards summer, this is an impressive looking beat em up which will feature up to 2 players fighting it out against fantasy creatures, with the end result of experience, money and levels that can be improved upon with new equipment purchased at the local shop!

As we said before Myths and Dragons will advance in a similar way to Sector 88 whereby it will be mission based, with each mission being replayable in order to earn more EXP and GOLD. Furthermore you'll also be able to view a map to select your missions and see what to do in them before making that journey. This offers a lot of replay-ability with hours and hours of gameplay!

Certainly a very interesting eye opener for retrogamers and for those of you who are craving a damn fine beat em up with RPG elements, however make sure to read the Hardware Requirements before playing the game when it arrives!

  • Msx2 with 64k of RAM (I will try to make it work on a msx1 with 64k of ram as well, but this is not a priority)
  • V9990 compatible (gfx9000, video9000, powergraph, Krakengraph, VroBit…)
  • MSX Music (Fm pac or compatible) or MSX Music Music Module or compatible) or OPL4 compatible (Moonsound, shockwave, wozblaster…). OPL4 needs an MSX with at least 128k of RAM.
  • Optimizations for Panasonic 2+ and Turbo R
  • If your MSX does not have internal FM or you wish to use any other compatible sound chip, you will need an slot expander in order to listen to the music.

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