Nogalious - Multiplatform retro inspired game with new system footage!

As most of you know by now LUEGOLU3GO STUDIO's have been working on a game called Nogalious, that is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign that aims to be released on multiple systems such as the Amstrad, C64, ZX Spectrum, MSX and even the PC, with further stretch goals that includes the 3DS! Well you'll be pleased to learn that over these past few weeks, the developer has released a number of gameplay footage teasers which shows what the game might look like on an Amstrad or even an MSX!

Nogalious : The Chronicles is an upcoming 2D adventure platformer with 5 universes created pixel by pixel, as a vintage adventure inspired by the golden era of 8-bit video games that is aiming for a Kickstarter success. As we said before you'll be playing through five stages and will have to overcome obstacles such as deadly traps and enemies including villains and demons, with each world having new challenges that will need to be discovered through your journey. Furthermore there will also be crafty puzzles and nasty end of world bosses that will need to be overcome for you to rescue the daughter captured by the evil Darama.

For what is a great looking game with a huge amount of system support catering to the Amstrad, C64, MSX and even the ZX Spectrum it's just a shame that so far the kickstarter campaign is only at €5,512 pledged of €25,000 goal with just 8 days to go. LUEGOLU3GO STUDIO's really deserve to have this game as a success and even more so when you consider what you will receive in the post depending on your pledge. A Super Collector's Box Reward, an 8BIT Cassette (C64, Amstrad, MSX, Spectrum) or even a MSX Cartridge contained within a box of gorgeous covered artwork!

So what the hell are you waiting for! Lets make Nogalious a success, as a multi system game of this type is something of a rarity!

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