Vision Software The Complete Amiga Works - The latest Amiga CD32 package from Amiga Jay

If you have an Amiga CD32 and need something new to play and to add to an ever growing library of unofficial packages from Amiga Jay or Earok, then look no further than the ' Vision Software : The Complete Amiga Works ' Amiga CD32 release! This gaming experience able to be burned to a single CD, features a number of decent games from Vision Software; a company founded in 1991 that originally did cover disk games before moving onto full price commercial ones!

In this rather cool package, it includes games such as Cybernetix, Gnome, Kiros Quest, Microbes, Overkill CD32, Roadkill CD32, Seek & Destroy CD32, Sorcerors Apprentice, Woodys World, Zombie Apocalypse and even Zombie Apocalypse II AGA. One such game which I highly recommend to play first in that list is Cybernetix, a rather nice Defender clone with enemies appearing in waves that need to be destroyed as you try to collect power ups for that little extra firepower!

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