Cookie - A veritable kitchen nightmare comes to C64

Having never owned a Speccy, I'm unfamiliar with "Cookie", however it seems to have had a decent following amongst our 8bit cousins, and now C64 fans get to find out why (without having to pollute their hard disk with a Spectrum emulator). Our friends at Reset Magazine posted yesterday that Cookie has been re-written from scratch for C64, and it is developer Andy Noble's first game this system, having ported many other retro games for windows and mac. It's a really nice conversion of the original and it's free to download right now.

Cookie is a single screen shootemup, and you play as Charlie the cookie chef. But things aren't going too well as the cookie dough is escaping the pantries, and only you can stop them by shooting them into the giant bowl at the bottom of the screen. Not only is this extremely difficult, as even shooting them isn't necessarily going to stop them colliding with you, but Cookie monster is lurking in nearby dustbins trying to wreck your chances by throwing also deadly trash into the mix. And if the trash ends up in your bowl, you're going to have to shoot even more enemy dough balls to finish the level.

Early on you might get frustrated by the game's steep difficulty, as the dough doesn't stop coming and you run out of space to move fast if you aren't keeping on top of things. But it's one of those addictive little shooters that's perfect for a quick blast, when you're just too busy for that 6 hour Civ session.
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