MSXdev'17 - The MSX Competition results are in and the winners are...

Once again it's time to give a shout out to the MSXdev’17 competition as we've recently found out, not only are there a lot of awesome games to play, but the competition is officially over with winners announced! Yes indeed after all this time featuring every game in the competition, we are pleased to say that XSpelunker won in the MSX Classic category, ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki) in the MSX Freestyle category, and XSpelunker and Draconic Throne share the MSX Community Prize!

It came as no surprise to see that XSpelunker stood out in the competition, because if you loved the arcade exploration platformer of Spelunky, then you are in for a treat with this game, as not only does it feature procedurally generated levels, but there's items to collect, platforms to jump across, vines to climb, and even nasty scorpions and piranhas that need to be either avoided or blown up or stabbed!

ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki) however is a completely different game to XSpelunker, which of course won the MSX Freestyle category of MSXdev’17. It is a game that is heavily inspired by Xevious, and featured multiple enemy types that need to be destroyed, moving landscapes in a vertical scrolling viewpoint, great music and top quality gameplay that will surprise you this was not a commercial release.

Finally the last shout out goes to Draconic Throne, a game that looks and feels just like Thanatos, but instead gives you the opportunity to fly a mighty dragon breathing fire balls down at your appearing enemies and watching them burn to a skeleton crisp! It is a game you'll be hooked as soon as you play, but beware there's arrows being fired, spears thrown and at some point in time you'll probably get overwhelmed!

Links : 1) Competition 2) XSpelunker 3) ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki)  4) Draconic Throne Online 5) Emulator

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