AlarCity - PixelGlass latest Amiga game gets a rather cool demo!

We've already done a big feature for this game, but this latest announcement is more towards an update, as we've been told by PixelGlass, that their in-development top down shooter now comes with a nice demo of which you can play right now on your Amiga. This demo features fast 50hz scrolling, tons of projectiles, effects, and enemies to wipe out all contained within a game of lovely Amiga detail!

As for the full game, if you hadn't seen our previous write up (link), they are initiating a new fundraising campaign with a clear goal to reach 200 pre-sales. The money from this fundraiser will not only help them cover some basic expenses but will also fund part of the costs for the upcoming physical release with a full game that will feature a story mode (Many Levels), an optimised and expanded survival mode, extra content such as anims, music, sfx and much much more.

Be a part in this campaign and support development on Alarcity!
Help keep Amiga gaming alive, pre-order a copy of AlarCity from today!

- Check AlarCity's official page: ( Demo requirements: AGA, 020, 2mb ram, HDD or CD )

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