Hunter - Action/Adventure classic that's well worth playing!

Let's go back in time, right back to 1991 when Activsion released 'Hunter' for the Amiga and Atari ST. An action-adventure game that by today's view point would be classed as a Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto and Far Cry mix. Expansive, open worlds, a military theme, and the focus on small squads of soldiers or lone heroes. A high grade 3D game with sandbox-type game play, developed by Paul Holmes and music by Martin Walker. If you remember the title, you'll be very pleased to know that Gamesnostalgia's latest edition to its download and play on PC list is Hunter!

As someone who has played this fine game when I was a teenager, I never actually read how to play it nor really cared. All I cared for was finding the best vehicle and using it to speed around the islands. My favourite being the car for speeding over hills and humps and then crashing the car into the sea. I had more enjoyment out of it than many other games that were action-adventure genres released even today!

Links : 1) Source ( Amiga version but already set up to play on the PC )

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