Roust - Allan Turvey announces an Arcade to Speccy port of Joust!

It may be a new year into 2018 but as the ZX-Dev conversions competition is still progressing, we've recently been contacted by Allan Turvey, that his ZX Spectrum conversion of Joust has been announced and is coming to the speccy titled as ' Roust '. This new game that is going to be released by Highrise Electronics Inc and music by David Saphier, load screen by Craig Howard, is currently being developed using Arcade Game Designer and the team hope that Roust will be as enjoyable as the Arcade original.

Joust was released all those years ago in 1982 and was developed by William Electronics as an arcade game that also featured two player gameplay. Furthermore in the game you controlled a knight riding his very own flying ostrich that had to defeat other flying enemies while also trying not to be grabbed by the ever present hand from below, which also makes an appearance in this up coming conversion.

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