Bomb Jack Beer Edition - An enhanced classic WIP for the Commodore Amiga

Ah good old Bomb Jack, a game which required you the player to jump and float about grabbing all the bombs on the screen while also avoiding some rather strange yet nasty enemies who would constantly get in your way just to stop you from saving historic places of interest! It was a fabulous game for all the family, going right back to the days of the Arcades and lots of ports to follow such as the Amiga, which sadly was not as good as it could've been, at least until now... Welcome to Bomb Jack Beer Edition; an enhanced WIP Bomb Jack for the Commodore Amiga!

Now you may be aware that the C64 is also getting an enhanced version which is closer to the Arcades thanks to Retrofan, but this other edition by mcgeezer is following the same idea except it is going to be released for the Commodore Amiga, with memories of playing on the computer, playing Bomb Jack in the Arcades and as the developer says " With Beer ". So when it is finished the game will hopefully be much smoother compared to the original port, closer graphics to the Arcades, as well as improved sound effects and music.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Test Demo   (  the game will only run on an A500(+) config with 0.5mb chip ram with 0.5mb fake fast ram, it is currently not compatible with any other config )

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