Monty On The Run Remake - PC Remake of an 8-bit classic

Way back in the 1980's Gremlin Graphics released the very first Monty Mole game in the series for the ZX Spectrum and C64. This lovable character that looked like a cross between a human and a mole, star'd in his very own adventure as ' Wanted : Monty Mole ' , which from then on spawned a number of other famous sequels on different 8-bit systems such as Monty on the Run and Auf Wiedersehen Monty. But today thanks to a fan of those classic games, Damien Green has just released an all new remake of Monty On The Run, but this time for the PC!

Thanks to a suggestion by his friend Anthony Ogden, the developer of this remake contacted us to let us know that this game was finished at the tail end of 2016, left forgotten for a few years, and then recently resurrected and made available for all to enjoy. The remake is written in Monogame and uses C# and DirectX, while hopefully running at a smooth 50fps with gameplay as accurate to the original as possible. Although the only down side as quoted by the email we received "Instead of selecting the freedom kit at the start, it is pre-selected and instead you have to collect the various freedom kit items as you move through the game. If you don’t collect the relevant item you may have to go back before you can proceed so examine each screen carefully ".

Links : 1) Source ( Future Linux version possible, MAC unknown )

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