Ziriax 100% (Ultimate Edition) - The only full Amiga working version that exists!

In 1990 Software Business with development by The Whiz Kidz, released the side-scrolling shoot em up Ziriax for the Amiga, which was very similar to games such as R-Type or even Gradius. This game featured an action packed experience with five stages of shoot em up gameplay with each level containing an end of level boss. It's just a shame that during its many years of release not only was there not a fully working ADF of the game but according to some it has a few in game issues of its own...

Old Version

Thankfully however the Amiga community has stepped forward and as of this moment Ross has released the Ziriax 100% (Ultimate Edition); a 100% ADF working version of the 1990 game by "The Whiz Kidz", trained and enhanced, which he says is actually the only full working version existing. The game makes use of the second joystick button for weapon selection, memory above 512kb to cache data to cut down loading,  a complete trainer option screen [+6] with a selectable new "max power-up", start level, invincibility and finally a proper end of the game can be reached.... So yes a very good Amiga addition indeed and well worth a download!

More significant patches:
- support all Amiga (ocs to aga, 020+, every memory configuration)
- do not crash anymore on level 3 or other "strange" situation
- end of game/credit part is reachable
- high scores table works properly
- standard 880k ADF, fast loading
- use extra-memory if available

Links : 1) Source 2) Added to DamienD Package

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  1. This game was hard as hell. The music is nice on the intro, really liked that. Nice to see that there is a playable version with a proper ending. Nice to see the community still active. :-


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