New Compatible A500(+) case campaign has launched!

After the recent success of the new coloured cases and keycaps for the Amiga 1200 such as blue, black, red and specials. We are pleased to finally announce it's the Amiga 500's turn, as has launched the IndieGoGo campaign for new Compatible A500(+) cases. Basically if you've felt a little left out with the previous campaign, now is your time to bring your Amiga 500 out of its yellow shell with eye candy colours to show off to all your friends... Or just creamy white just as it came out of the show room.

Many of you were probably backers to the previous A1200 campaign as it was a huge success and it enabled people to give those old retro systems a new boost of life, and away from the unsightly yellowing, which was caused by rendered flame-retardant with chemical treatments. Thankfully just as with the crowd funding new Amiga 1200 cases, the Amiga 500+ cases follow suit and are again are treated with Anti-UV, and will never go yellow.

Now away from the Anti-UV, the campaign also promises new A500(+) case possess brass metal inserts (as seen with the A1200 Replacement cases), a supplied Cradle for the Vampire V4 (mounted on the case bottom frame), dedicated ports extender (V500 & V4 Standalone), a plain trapdoor ( if trapdoor not used), VGA Trapdoor ( for Indivision ECS ), HDMI Trapdoor (for Apollo HDMI out ), Signatures by Amiga legends, and yes even a choice of awesome colours with more colours to come depending on how the campaign goes.

So head on over to the IndieGoGo Campaign for further details and get backing, because if this does well, keycaps will surely follow!

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