Indie Retro News will be leaving retro behind and going triple AAA gaming!

It's a sad reflection of society but it looks as if people are turning their backs on indie and retro games and moving towards a more modern outlook in life. As such Indie Retro News will no longer be featuring indie, retro games and or retro systems. To be honest I kind of agree as the Amiga just isn't very good, nor is the Amstrad, C64, ZX Spectrum or NES, they pretty much suck in comparison. I mean seriously why would anyone want to play on an Amiga nowadays when you can play on a powerful PC with the latest commercial games. I'd rather play Battlefield or Call of Duty, when the graphics and story are way better than anything! So as of now we will no longer be featuring indie or retro games, they just are not very good nor are they worth writing about.

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