Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction is patched up and looks great on the MSX2

It's a Monday and what a great start to the week as the sun is shining, it's warming up, and Toni Galvez@TonimanGalvez has recently tweeted us with a very special news announcement for the MSX2 with the release of the Nemesis 3 enhancement patch. Released originally in 1988-1989 this Shoot em up was developed and published by Konami exclusively for the MSX as the sequel to the epic game of Gradius and a spin off to Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou. This patch however excels the game to new heights with not just smooth scrolling but other note worthy enhancements too!

The MSX scene never takes a break as we've already seen a number of games entered into the MSX Dev competition and previous enhancements to games such as Salamander. But now we look towards the Nemesis 3 patch, as once again thanks to Víctor Martínez using his talent from his previous work, he has released an IPS Patch which gives the game a real kick up the arse!

This is one seriously cool patch as it has inclusive features such as smooth scrolling, a TurboFIX routine, new player ships GFX by Toni Galvez who also did amazing new Intro, ship menu, and in-game graphics. A new voice set by WYZ/ARTRAG which includes better sound quality and new voices, and even new routine optimisations for smoother gameplay!

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