Hyperzap 2018 - C64CD releases a new shoot em up for C64 gamers

Checking the usual haunts of the CSDb database we've come across a new game called ' Hyperzap 2018 ', which has since been released by C64CD with a trainer by Laxity. Featuring the music of Marc Francois with code and graphics by Jason Kelk, Hyperzap is your typical top scrolling Shoot 'em up, in which you need to blast a constant wave of enemies to gain an ever high score.

Sadly for what is a cool little game with a great sound track blasting away enemies one by one as the score point system increases. This game has one painful flaw for people who suffer from epilepsy or migraines. Every time you shoot and destroy a ship the entire screen flashes and if you die, the screen flashes multiple times to the point you just can't play it any longer for fear of suffering visually. Not to say the game is bad, far from it, but with that going on I couldn't play for very long.

Links :1) Source 2) Website 3) Download 4) Trainer

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