Realms of Quest V - A rather eye opening RPG for the VIC-20 gets new screenshots

In 2014 developer Ghislain de Blois released Realms of Quest IV for the Commodore VIC-20 through the publisher Psytronik. A fine tribute to the classic style turn based, party based dungeon crawlers of the 1980‘s, with graphics reminiscent of the early Wizardry games I-IV. Fast forward to a more recent update however, and @hitfan2000 has just tweeted an update to his upcoming new game in the series for the VIC-20 as Realms of Quest V.

"The Ruins Of Whirlpoole"--a long lost underwater civilization where you encounter adventure, romance and intrigue!

In development by @hitfan2000 and @rubygolem, Realms of Quest V for the VIC-20 will be a feature packed game including lots of cities, dungeons, enemies to fight and from the look of it big enough for even Ultima purists to be happy with a choice from 4 fonts and 2 graphical viewing modes. It's just a shame we don't have a release date but if you've got a VIC-20 then this is the game to keep an eye on!

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