Alex Kidd in Miracle World remake is coming!

In 1987 Sega released the great side-scrolling platform game ' Alex Kidd ' for the Sega Master System console. Although it was first released in Japan in 1986 but internationally in 1987, it was one of the most well known games as it was also built into most Master System II's. For anyone that has played the rather enjoyable original, will be pleased to know @Narehop y and @josyanf1 are working on a gorgeous remake for modern systems!

Although not much is known about the remake as it looks to be early days for development, what we do know is the game is going to be completely remade graphically from the ground up including all the levels, enemies, bosses and animation, which in part is shown in this tweet from the team behind the game... So as ever watch this space, this is looking great so far!

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