Manic Miner remake - The first game for the ZX-Dev-MIA-Remakes compo

Possibly the easiest level ever - though, how do you get out?
After the news of a Barbarian remake got us excited here at IRN, you wouldn't believe how excited this dwarf got after learning that due to the latest ZX Spectrum competition ZX-Dev-MIA-Remakes that one entrant, plying his trade under the name of cgonalez, has decided to take on one of the behemoths of the Speccy - Manic Miner!

As you can see from the screenshots, Willy has upgraded has standard white outfit (which I've always thought was a terrible choice for mining duties) to a nice red and blue number and even the weird conveyor belt monster has upgraded to some blue jeans. Very nice. From these early screens, we can only see early development of Central Cavern but, we can assume that the rest of the game will be looking as flashy and colourful, and who knows - perhaps the penguins in the cold room have uppped their game too. Maybe a bow tie to go with their tuxedo-like natural outfit or a jumper to keep them warm, though being penguins, I'm sure they'll be fine without.

If I were a rich na na - ooh, wrong one.
The other things I hope with this remake is that the intro music has been updated so that it's not so damaging to your ears or would that be asking too much? I've got my fingers crossed that they've swapped 'Pacman' from the Processing Plant to 'Ms Pacman' just to mix it up a bit, though I smell a lawsuit if that happens. Also, and this may well be due to my own incompetencies, but could they please make The Warehouse a little easier? Thanks! Keep up to date with the latest goings on with the competition by following this link: ZX Dev MIA/Remakes 

I for one, will be keeping a keen eye on developments, particularly with this new incarnation of Manic Miner, and will be eager to see what other games those very talented programmers can come up with. Let us know what you think!

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