Rocky Memphis - The Legend Of Atlantis - Another big C64 release through Psytronik Software

Another day another fantastic release, as after already releasing the Alien inspired game of ' Organism ' we have also found out that Psytronik Software have made available Stuart Collier, Trevor Storey and Saul Cross's C64 game ' Rocky Memphis - The Legend Of Atlantis '; an Indiana Jones style game in which you must explore the ancient temple ruins on a quest to find the secret of the lost city of Atlantis!

Fans of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and even Prince of Persia will feel right at home with Rocky Memphis - The Legend Of Atlantis as unlike 'Organism', this one will have you reaching for your whip and dealing with dangerous bats, deadly scorpions and the possibility of other untold dangers lurking in the ancient temple ruins. What's more if you've got the skills, you'll need to avoid deadly traps, find clues, useful objects and even hidden witches on a quest to find clues to the once great city of Atlantis.


· Lots of screens to explore
· Detailed hi-res graphics
· Atmospheric music
· Cunning traps and puzzles to solve
· Lots of objects to collect and use
· Intro & end sequences
· SD2IEC compatible
· PAL and NTSC compatible

Links :1) Website Link 2) Full trainer by Genesis Project

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