51 DOS game intros - Over 2 hours of nostalgia goodness!

Call me an old timer but I love talking about the days of DOS, a time when the only thing in front of you other than a computer was a blinking command prompt waiting for you to run a game such as C:\, C:\Dune and Dune.exe. So to hear from einokeino303 that he has done a spectacular Youtube video in relation to 51 great DOS game intros, my mind was blown and wanting more!

Einokeino303 has said this is purely OPL / FM synthesis for convenience and consistency although many of these tunes would definitely sound better with MT-32, soundfonts etc. The games are also focused on floppy games so no CD FMV intros or CD music either. But still that shouldn't put anyone off as many gamers of that time were probably still using floppy drives anyway! - Insert disk 12... ahh the agony!

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