Coffee Crisis from Mega Cat Studios is getting a Super Update!

Released just two months ago, Coffee Crisis from Mega Cat Studios is back with an incredible update due to be released on Tuesday, July 24th! We wrote about the Steam release here, and it's shocking how quickly they turned out this feature packed update with 40+ additional streaming interactives for Twitch & Mixer, 4 new levels, additional enemies and more!

Wait, What’s Coffee Crisis?
If you’re a fan of good old fashioned beat ‘em ups, you’re going to love Coffee Crisis. Featuring gorgeous hand drawn sprites, destructible (and tossable!) environmental items, all based in real locations (except, of course, for the Mars level).

The Smurglians have invaded Earth. They’ve come to take our coffee, our heavy metal, our cat videos and, most horribly, our Wi-Fi. The Black Forge Coffeehouse doesn’t think that sounds like a very fair trade- and they’re fighting back. Baristas Nick and Ashley each bring their own special brew to the fight; with unique abilities and special moves, they’re ready to take on whatever the Smurglians throw at them.

"We hate aliens from outer space. The probing, the judgmental eyes, the floppy, gooey skin....there's just NO tolerance for aliens or alien sympathizers here, folks. We want this game to offer two things: a rocking good time, and, a training simulator that empowers the player to grab a fistful of alien meat and wreck some extra-terrestrials," said Nick Mann, co-founder of Mega Cat Studios and the Anti-Alien Brigade.

"That aside, we love marrying old technology with new. Originally created for the Sega Genesis, we rebuilt the game from the ground up with Twitch & Mixer integration, Shopify's Unity Buy SDK, Razer's Chroma Integration, and more. It's not just the tech that we juiced, either. We kept our retro ethos and styling while taking the classic brawler screen lock area and giving it a hard dose of rogue. With over 100 modifiers being applied randomly in sets of 2-5 simultaneously, each play through provides a unique challenge for the sophisticated player."

What’s Being Added?

New Twitch/Mixer Interactives - Viewers can interact with streamers in new ways - they can offer Companion UFOs to help their favorite baristas beat back aliens, grant shiny new weaponry (we don’t call our favorite guitars “axes” for nothing), and much more!

The Smurglians Got Smarter - We’ve made some improvements to alien AI now; the meta’s been shifted, so you’d better get ready to fight off a clever menace. Grabbing a fistful of alien meat now calls for some strategy.

Four New Levels - You’ll be beating the beans out of aliens in four fresh levels, including a new concert stage and a secret alien coffee brewing area.

Coffee Crisis was originally released on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and features a truly authentic retro beat ‘em up experience - the sprites and environments are all built to spec for Sega’s beloved 16-bit system.

Key Facts and Features
  • Fourteen Levels of Smurglian Smashing Goodness 
  • An authentic retro-styled experience originally released on the Sega Genesis 
  • Gorgeous hand-drawn sprites and environments 
  • Local co-op to fight aliens with friends 
  • Metal music by Mitch Foster 
  • Available on Mac, Windows and Linux 
  • Coming soon to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One
About Mega Cat Studios

Founded in 20XX, Mega Cat Studios is a small developer with a lot of heart, and one goal: to keep the dream of gaming- the dream we remember from the days of youth- alive and well. Whether we’re building a high tech VR title or an NES games, cartridge and all, our name is a stamp of quality on everything we produce.

Available on Steam Tuesday, July 24th

- Article by Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes

Links : 1) Homesite 2) Steam Store 3) Youtube

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