Barbarian+ - Enhanced upcoming Amiga classic just keeps on improving!

As many of you know by now if you've been following our write ups, the fantastic sword slicing, head chopping, and head kicking Barbarian(Death Sword) which was first released in 1989 for a multitude of retro systems, is coming to the Amiga as an enhanced version with lots of cool stuff that could make it a real eye opener in the retro scene. Well fast forward to this week and not only have they released more videos, but there's further gaming info to whet your appetite!

This enhanced version is being developed by Christophe Romagnoli (Ten Shu), Simone Bernacchia (JMD) and Colin Vella as what could be described as one of the best Barbarian versions we've since since the games first launch all those years ago. The team behind the game have always felt the original version albeit having better resolution and sound than the other 8-bit versions could've been so much better using the full capability of the Amiga including both graphical design and sound.

And so the enhanced version of Barbarian+ came to be and unlike the flat graphics similar to the rather decent C64 version. This one is far more graphically impressive with detailed backgrounds, extended colour palettes, a much higher frame rate, a comprehensive musical score ( unlike the original ), new features, effects and new bonus arena stages, and all of this with the high frame rate developed using AMOS! So watch this space as although there's still a little bit to go, Fran├žois Lecornec, is also on board to port Barbarian+ to the Atari Jaguar!

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