Prisonnier II - A New Game for the Sega Master System

Prisonnier II is a new homebrew puzzler game by Offgame, released on March 17th, for the Sega Master System, Master System II and Megadrive/Genesis with Master System/Power Base Converter.

The rules of The Prisoner game are simple; move, build a wall and block your opponent. The game supports both one and two players for more fun!

I loaded up Prisonnier II on my RetroPi system and launched the game with the Libretro SMS emulator. The game is pretty basic to pick up, the instructions appear (in English language) on the top right in the red box, so you will know it's your turn to move, followed by placing a block on the playfield. Both of these actions use the same blinking blue cursor for placement.

I started out with a nice wide strategy for placing blocks around my enemy. This worked out, and I kept in mind that you can move diagonally, so I made sure to prevent my adversary from weaseling through a corner movement. The majority of my movements were, however, diagonal! Hah, well it seemed to have worked, because I won!

It was a fun, but quick play for sure. A second human player would make the game a lot more challenging. I would like to see an update adding a nice kitschy background tune that was common on a lot of SMS games, it would help fill in some missing atmosphere while you're contemplating your next move.

Prisonnier II is absolutely worth a try, especially if you can play against another human. Emulators make playing over the internet easy to do, so go challenge your fellow retro friend to a round or two!

I won! Woot!
Programmer: Loïc Lété.
Graphics: Jean Monos, Aezur, Patrice Cervellin.
Music and Sound Effect: Jean Monos
Author: Emmanuel Lorand
Various help: Upsilande, Laetitia Broqua, Martin Labarussias, Marie
devkitSMS: sverx

- Article by Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes

Links : 1) Homesite 2) YouTube 3) Off game Homesite

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