Romhacking Spotlight - Hacks that adds a second player!

The hacks that impresses me the most are hacks that makes a significant change to a game, that adds an element that changes the way we were used to play the game. And an example of this are these amazing hacks that adds multiplayer to a game that originally just had support for one player. We played this amazing game and just wished there support for a 2 player mode, but sadly the developers only made it a solo game. But thanks to these talented hackers they somehow managed to change so much in the rom that they added support for a second player! In this segment of the Romhacking Spotlight im going to talk about three hacks that does this and we are going to start with Tetris.

Tetris Zero
Back in 1989 Tetris was released for both the Game Boy and the Nes and the game was a big hit! But one big flaw with the Nes version of Tetris was that the 2-player option was missing. The Nes has two controller ports so I have no idea why they didn't include a second player option. But there was another version of Tetris from Tengen that supported this. But if you have nostalgic memories from Nintendos version and always wished for a 2-player mode then this hack will fix this! Tetris is just so much fun with a second player :)

DuckTales 2 - Two Players Hack
Back in 2014 the romhacker Ti managed to add a second player to Duck Tales 2. Instead of a twin Uncle Scrooge as the second player the hacker was clever and added the sprite of Darkwing Duck. I spent a lot of time playing the original DuckTales from the Nes but sadly never played the sequel. This is definitely a hack that all fans of this game needs to try. Im hoping that the hacker someday would do a two player hack for the first DuckTales game too :)

Wrecking Two
I remember that me and a friend used to play Wrecking Crew all the time, and it was actually quite fun to play with a friend as Wrecking Crew works like a trial and error game where you try to figure out how to beat the levels so you could take turns helping each other out trying to beat the levels. And the level editor was just so much fun, building levels and then let a friend try to beat it. But we always wanted support for a 2-player mode. And now thanks to the hackers Puchiedarcy and Q this is possible! Remember the rival character Spike that appeared on the bonus levels? This is actually the character the second player will control. It's a little weird as Spike still walks behind the walls and obstacles just like in the bonus levels, but other than that it's really fun!

If you have any other romhacks that adds a second or more players then please post them in the comments :)

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