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Welcome back for another segment of the Romhackig Spotlight! This time we are going to take a look at some really nice Super Mario Bros hacks for the Nes. It seems that most hackers picks Super Mario Bros 3 when they want to hack a Mario game and that's understandable, but there are constantly appearing some amazing hack for the original Super Mario Bros game that we all know and love.

The first romhack for Smb is a hack that pushes the limits graphically, it's called “Super Mario Bros. DX” released by flamepanther. This hack enhances the graphics of the original game with some detailed sprites and more vibrant colors. It borrows graphics from Smb3 and Super Mario All-Stars mixed with some new original sprites. All this mashed together makes this a very beautiful hack!
But one of the best parts is that you can apply this patch with other Smb patches. If you check the readme that flamepanther included he recommends some really nice small upgrades. Like this hack that simulates the jumping physics of Smb3 or this “Fire Mario to Big Mario when hit” hack that i really like. You can try out some other hacks to combine with “Super Mario Bros. DX” to update the graphics.

Back in 2004 βetaWorld released an amazing hack of Smb called “Tower RE” and this is one of the best Smb hacks I have played in a long time! The idea is just so brilliant and works really great with Smb. The game takes place in a tower that you are climbing and each level is a new floor packed with very well designed challenges. Each floor you reach have new obstacles and it gets harder and trickier the higher you get in the tower. Some rooms will really surprise you with strange stuff, like inverted controls and enemies behaving much differently like you are used to in a Mario game. This is a must have hack for every Smb fan!

And for all fans of Giana Sisters for the C64 we have a romhack that gives us all the levels of Giana Sisters for Smb3! Yes the idea was to just have Smb hacks in this segment but I just had to include this one :) It was just a matter of time that someone did this and now its here! Well, the level hack - that was created by Ridley X - was released back in 2014 but thats still 27 years after the release of Giana Sisters :) I took some comparison screenshots of the original Giana Sisters game and the romhack, and it looks really great! Try this out if you want to see how the levels look in Smb3.

Thats it for this time! My aim is to try to cover more systems in the future but romhacking for the Nes is just so popular and there are so many great games so all you Nes fans out there will see more great romhacks soon in the Romhacking Spotlight! If you want to see all the earlier parts of the Romhacking Spotlight you can find them here:

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