ALL HALLOWS - Rise of the Pumpkin - ‎John Blythe‎'s ZX Spectrum game arrives early!

The good news keeps on coming as just moments ago John Blythe via RuckSack Games, announced the release of his creepy game ALL HALLOWS - Rise of the Pumpkin for the ZX Spectrum. Originally set for release over Halloween, the developer decided it was done and dusted and thus released it much earlier than planned and playable on the ZX Spectrum 48k, 128k and vega. Although the ZX Spectrum 128k version features AY Music tracks!


A thousand years of imprisonment is ending! You have felt the magic fading for some time. Now is the time for action Pumpkin! A forest spirit you feel its your duty to protect the great forest kingdom from the evil Forest Lord. Trapped within his dark tower by Ancient Sages a thousand years ago. The Moonstones' magic is fading and only the touch of another magical spirit can re-awaken them. IT'S YOUR TIME TO RISE PUMPKIN!

Once again John Blythe has created another fantastic masterpiece for the ZX Spectrum in ' Rise of the Pumpkin ', as not only are the levels full of incredible detail such as the mighty flames below, the UI screen and the menacing beasties. But the music is also brilliant harking back to the days of Tombstowne on the Amstrad!

ULA Enhanced

To be honest so far, the only crit I can give this game is the difficulty. As bouncing around like the old game Cauldron, usually causes you to constantly bounce into some of the nasty enemies found lurking around on every screen. But that's pretty much it, so as you can see this is one of those games that deserve high praise and one to be remembered.

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