Operation: Labyrinth Fall - Ross Adkin's upcoming speccy game

The ZX Spectrum games just keep on coming, as after already mentioning Nixy and the Seeds of Doom, Pooper Scooper and ROBOTS RUMBLE, we now have this new game to mention called ' Operation: Labyrinth Fall ', which is currently being designed by Ross Adkin using Arcade Game Designer. As noted by the developer, he has said he is aiming for a metroidvania style game and it's currently at 50% complete!

Although not much is known about Operation: Labyrinth Fall, we can tell by the video you have to collect Gems and avoid the enemies found in each of the screens. What I do like so far though apart from the level design is the great soundtrack, which does look like it changes as you enter certain areas. Other than that, watch this space as it might get a release this year!

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