Chibi Akumas! ZX Spectrum Review & Amstrad Plus Longplay

Back in 2016, a comic-horror bullet-hell shooter by the name of Chibi Akumas made it's way onto the Amstrad CPC to great aplomb. It's author Keith Sear didn't stop there however, and continued his love affair with the bloodthirsty titular Chibiko and released a sequel the following year, introducing her zombie brother Bochan. Now, in 2018 we get to see the game tweeked, polished and released on yet more classic systems; the ZX Spectrum, the MSX2/Turbo R and the Enterprise 128.

The game gets its public release for the Spectrum, MSX2 & CPC on 26th of October 2018, but I have been kindly granted access to the full game on several of these platforms. So, this is my exclusive first review of Chibi Akumas Episode 1: Invasion on the ZX Spectrum.

While the Amstrad version was released a few years back, see my review on it below, Keith has improved the game on both the CPC and Plus machines. With the addition of 2 player mode (Bochan), burst mode and improved backgrounds and colours, I gave the final Plus version a live playthrough on my Vampire themed livestream. It's a cracking achievement in programming, and hopefully the start of many other bullet-hell shooters to grace the classic 8 bit systems.

My original video review of Chibi Akumas Amstrad Plus 2016 release if you wish to compare.

Happy Halloween all, Bug... Out!


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