Redpill Puzzle - Move the Diamonds in Lemming880's Amiga game

Another Amiga news story to set the evening and no not a hardware post, as we've been told by a good friend of ours that Lemming880 has released an updated version of his puzzle game ' RedPill Puzzle ' for the Amiga. This game developed using RedPill, is a Diamond moving puzzle game in which you need to move the coloured Diamonds around a maze into the grey coloured squares to win the level.

Redpill Puzzle isn't the most eye popping of games we've seen on the Amiga even if it is a demo, but for what it's worth it's still fun to play and sports a rather nice soundtrack that will keep you going right up until the demo ends. This puzzle game is available as an ADF in the Zone on the EAB forums of which you can download freely right now.

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